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'Leandro is an incredible shamanic healer. He is one of the few people I trust implicitly as a healer as he always work with unconditional love and from deep within his heart. He always seems to know what I need, even if I don’t and even if it may not always be what I expect! 

I could go so far as to say my sessions with him have been life changing. We’ve got straight to the core of an issue and either gained clarity or released it or whatever is needed in that moment. 

I feel all of the spirits and ancestors working through him and in one session it almost seemed the roof of the healing space would fly off with the level of intensity of the healing space, and my body vibrated with the energy of my higher self pulsing through me. 

In another session I went with one intention which ended up seeming small fry as we got straight to a huge block that had been there my whole life and no amount of medicine work and self healing had shifted it. In one session we worked on the insight and light needed to transmute this block. 

Even just his words of reflection and advice and space holding can often be enough to create huge shifts, let alone the incredible healing! 


I cannot recommend Leandro enough and believe he can help with the vast majority of issues someone could be facing.'


"Leandro is so AMAZING! He radiates such warmth and compassion which instantly puts you at ease. Every session that I have had with him has led me to profound insights about myself.


Leandro is such a gifted healer and I don’t have the words to express how truly grateful I am for what he has catalyzed within me.


After years of “darkness”, I feel so much lighter and happier-I just can’t stop smiling and dancing!"


"I saw Leandro for Shamanic healing, specifically curse unraveling.

Words do not seen to convey the depth and profound effect on my life this work has had.  There was a great excavation of the unwanted skilfully removed and replaced with a beautiful healing journey, which I'm still revelling in to this day, there is nothing from my ancestral line stopping me from moving forward now. 

I felt completely safe in the care of Leandro whose reassuring words and gentle nature were like a soothing balm. Thank you!"   


"Working with Leandro has been a thoroughly eye opening and profound experience. He is wise beyond his years, gentle yet direct and leaves you with the feeling that the session that just took place was absolutely the one you needed. He is so understanding and compassionate that nothing seems to shock him and his patience and honesty are one of a kind. That said, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and there is always a bout of giggles in session.  I always leave feeling lighter with a genuine spring in my step and a sense that peace, calm and joy are all within reach. A session with him is like a massage for the soul and I look forward to every one!"


"I took a number of workshops with Leandro, starting with the introduction to shamanism to rattle and drum making, then shadow work, extraction, soul retrieval and psychopomp. Classes have been very well held and amazing experiences.

We recently had a healing circle with different people from different communities but all at the same level, so we could practice on each other, that was so helpful.

Leandro is such a beautiful soul and amazing at holding space for healing.

A high level of knowledge, insight, compassion and understanding is something you really want to see in a healer and I feel so blessed to have been drawn to him.

When I met him the first time I had a feeling he would be helpful for my growth and healing and it just started as a drum making class, but I ended up feeling part of a healing community that has turned my life around."


"Leandro is a skilled practitioner who facilitates his circles and healing sessions with compassion, authenticity, wisdom, knowledge, professionalism, and profound healing. Leandro masterfully weaves a safe space for everyone to grow, learn, heal, share and feel included. I am not someone who will raise their hand and share first in a group but I felt very held in the workshops and found my hand shooting up on more than one occasion. If you are looking to learn about Shamanism, Leandro is a brilliant teacher and guide for your journey. If you are looking for healing, you need not look any further"


"I am so glad I am so glad the universe and Google put me in touch with Leandro.  I joined Leandro initially for a one to one session not really knowing what to except we did a reading and healing session via drumming and all on Zoom due to current COVID situation. I was blown away and had a powerful spiritual experience and I enjoyed the way Leandro relates things back into reality.  Feeling like I wanted to know more I signed up for a introduction to shamanic journeying.  If you are looking to learn more about your  connection with the spiritual world, find out what shamanism or curious about journeying to these invisible words I highgly recommend giving it a go. Leandro keeps you safe and grounded throughout and is not dressed in headdresses and white robes he very much lives in this world :-)"

Liz (UK via Zoom)

“The thing is with Leandro, is that even when he doesn’t think he’s “doing” anything he can't just “do nothing” in terms of the impact he has, which is beautiful. Leandro being himself so fully in the world is so healing & such a powerful presence to be around. The inner work he occupies and the depth of his BEing is what is transformational! Just having a cup of tea with him would be all it took and something would shift in the people around him. I mean, it's lovely that he’s so humble and thinks “all I'm doing is guiding people on this tour” or whatever it is he’s leading or facilitating, but it’s impossible for him not to he simultaneously having a profound impact on your life. Being in Leandro’s presence is utterly utterly soul shifting!”


Due to the private nature of this work many people prefer not to leave testimonials.

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