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What is it?

Shamanic Healing is all about the healing, freeing up and empowering of our own vital spirit.

Shamanic principals state that all healing is wholistic so if the spirit is helped to heal, so to is the body, the mind and the emotions.

What happens in a session?

A session typical begins with the practitioner sharing what spirit has shown during the setting up of the session. This is followed by a discussion about what has brought the client to seek healing, then the healing takes place. During the healing the practitioner calls in spirit using the drum, rattle and song. Spirit performs the healing and afterwards the practitioner shares what they have witnessed as well as letting the client know of any integration work they may be needed afterwards.

Where is it?

We are based in Devonport, Auckland.

If this is too far for you to travel we do national and international sessions via zoom.

How long does it take?

They take anywhere between an hour or two, we schedule for 90 minutes and ask that you stay flexible to what the work requires.

How much is it?

Our current fee is $220 per session, there is a sliding scale for people on low income or un-employed, we will find a way to make it work.

How do I book?

To book a session email

How many sessions will I need?

We never demand that you come for follow up sessions, if you wish to come back for more healing it is your choice, shamanic practice is all about empowerment and sovereignty.

Will we use hallucinogens?

Our healing sessions at Shamanic Healing NZ are all done without the use of plant medicines due to the legality here in New Zealand.

Who is shamanic healing for?

In short anyone who feels they need healing, is heavy of spirit or suffering from illness of disease or recovering from trauma.

In our years of experience we have seen amazing things, from the relief of chronic pain to rape victims recovering ownership of their bodies and confidence in themselves.

Our healing does not come with a guarantee we never know the results to we witness them ourselves.

Here are some of the main reasons you may wish to come for a Shamanic Healing.

Do you feel that you are stuck in your life?

Are you repeating the same cycles, patterns and hitting the same obstacles? Or simply feeling your spirit weigh downed by the responsibilities, pressures and burdens of life. Shamanic healing can help clear the blocks that are stopping you from moving forward in your life, releasing set thought patterns as well as physical, spiritual and emotional blocks and attachments to others that are weighing you down and/or holding you back.

If this is the healing to be met we will also journey to find you a power animal to help bring you back vitality and strength as you start to step forward into the journey of your life again.

Have you been through trauma and feel you haven't quite come back to your true self?

You may feel part of you is missing, you feel like you are sleep walking through your days, watching someone else play your role in the movie of your life. With shamanic healing we can track down those parts of your spirit that were lost during the trauma, return them to you and begin to integrate them again, helping you feel whole once again.


Have you been acting out of sorts, doing, saying things that do not feel they come from you?

You don't know what possessed you to do it. This over-riding energy can be removed and sent compassionately back to where it belongs, freeing you to be in charge of your life, actions, decisions, words again. 

Are you wracked and weighed down with guilt for actions or words you have spoken that you feel are unforgivable?

Shamanic work can help you lift this guilt and allow yourself to step freely back into your life, the way you wish to live it. Spirit knows you know what you did and that you wish you hadn't.  There is no need to keep harming or hurting yourself, crippling yourself with guilt.

Do you feel that external forces are condemning you to a life less fortunate? 

Shamanic practice can help lift these energies and help you live in the blessings of your life again. 

Have you lost a loved one and feel they have still not made their way over and come to peace?

We can together through shamanic practices help them reach peace and help you make peace with their crossing.

There are many more reasons why you may wish to come for a shamanic healing, please always feel welcome to write to us, we are here to help.

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