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"Us" feels like a little bit of a stretch of the truth at the moment, as it is me, Leandro D'Andrea, on my own for now.

I am hoping to take on more practitioners to do healing for the public, selecting them from those that go through the workshops and training with me.

Shamanic Healing NZ is here to provide drug free shamanic healing for New Zealanders along with tuition in shamanic practices, teaching people to journey and to heal, connecting them with their spirit guides, allies and most importantly back to their true authentic selves.

We practice core shamanism which is the work of Michael Harner, it is based on the underlying skeletal structure of shamanic work he saw under all indigenous shamanic healing work, it is not based on any cultures traditions and has been designed to be adopted by all, especially and including those that have lost their link to the old ways.

 We are not or do not claim to be of a specific tradition or a lineage and we have the utmost respect for those that are. 

As we progress we will look to build community through drumming circles and healing days.

Please know that you are all welcome.



Proudly born and raised in New Zealand, surrounded by the ancient and inspiring beauty that is Tongariro National Park, Leandro shares his Core Shamanic teachings in a form that is respectful of all practitioners and cultures; taking a universal approach that is strongly influenced by the work of Michael Harner.

Apprenticed in Peruvian Shamanism to Dr Rubén Orellana PhD, Leandro’s shamanic path has lead him to work with traditional medicine plants, such as Ayahuasca in the Amazon Jungle and San Pedro in the high country of Peru.


For the last eight years Leandro has studied the tradition of brewing Wachuma as passed down through generations of indigenous healers in Peru under the guidance of Maestro of San Pedro, Rubén Orellana.


He also holds Psilocybin Retreats alongside psychotherapist Michele Costa Lukis in the Netherlands.

Leandro completed a three-year training in Core Shamanism with Simon Buxton of The Sacred Trust. His work is based on a strong belief that we are all connected and therefore we should all show love and respect to one another.

In the UK, Leandro has worked with Michele Costa Lukis as a Shamanic Practitioner offering one on one healings and holding monthly Andean Circles where he teaches shamanic principles. Leandro also led shamanic walks of consciousness through the woodlands of the UK and held weekly men’s groups for personal empowerment.

His efforts for the future are to bring men back in touch with nature and to fully realise themselves as conscious men.

To further his studies, Leandro completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Ana Forrest in Bali whose founding principle lies in using a combination of shamanism and yoga as a means to heal the body, mind and spirit of pain, anxiety and trauma. 

Leandro’s passion for New Zealand, the wilderness and shamanic practice lead to the creation of Wild Man and Wild Woman Journeys; spiritual journeys and adventure tours through his homeland of New Zealand with the intention of bringing his clients back in touch with nature and themselves.


In these tours, Leandro combines shamanic work from his own trainings with Maori healing practices and the nurture the beautiful New Zealand landscape provides. In this tour he draws upon his expertise as a mountain leader, scout, shamanic practitioner, men’s group facilitator, fine dining chef and wilderness guide.

After 16 years abroad he has now returned home to New Zealand and is passionate about sharing shamanic techniques and healing with his fellow kiwis.

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